Granite is igneous rock. It is widely spread within the earth`s crust and is formed through the cooling and solidification of magma within the Earth`s mantle. It is one of the hardest materials. Due to its resistance and solid features, it is utilized in construction. The Egyptians used it for making obelisks. The average density of granite is 2750 kg per m3. The word granite originates from The Latin language “granum” meaning a grain. Unlike other igneous rocks, granite has not been found on the Moon.


Marble is metamorphic rock, composed of recrystallized calcite or dolomite. Marble is prized as decorative stone in construction and is significantly applied in sculpting. Carrara, Italy, is the biggest and best known quarry of high quality marble. The Renaissance sculptor Michelangelo created his astonishing works from marble.p>


Travertine is a carbonate, sedimentary rock with its inherent feature of an uneven pitted surface. A palette of colours ranges from the softest ivories and the palest creams to the rich warm shades of golden honey, deep brown and walnut to the icy metallic silver and the granite shades. It is used both in outdoor and indoor projects, depending on weather conditions.